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Collectorate Korea
Designation Address Telephone Number
Collector Baikunthpur 07836-232721
Additional Collector Baikunthpur 07836-232330
Additional Collector Manendragarh 07771-243110
Joint Collector Baikunthpur 07836-232888
District Exciese Officer Baikunthpur 07836-232541
Assit. Commissioner Tribal Baikunthpur 07836-232859
District Food Officer Baikunthpur 07836-233005/233006
District Informatics Officer Baikunthpur 07836-232281
Treasury Officer Baikunthpur 07836-232432
Steno (Collector) Baikunthpur 07836-322721,232778
Designation Address Telephone Number
SDM Baikunthpur 07836-232786
SDM Manendragarh 07771-243018
SDM Chirmiri 07771-262334
SDM Sonhat 07835-267234
SDM Bharatpur 07835-267234
Police Deparmaent
Designation Address Telephone Number
Superintendent of Police Baikunthpur 07836-232223,232239,232743
Sub Superintendent of Police Baikunthpur 07836-232287/232222
C.S.P Chirmiri 07771-269270
Incharge Police Station Baikunthpur 07836-232231
Incharge Police Station Manendragarh 07771-243016
Incharge Police Station Chirmiri 07771-261117
S.D.O.P Manendragarh 07771-241142/24186
Designation Address Telephone Number
President of Zila Panchayat Baikunthpur 07836-232856,265253
C.E.O. Zila Panchayat Baikunthpur 07836-232885,233147
Dy.Director Baikunthpur 07836-232436
A.P.O. Baikunthpur 07836-232885/232857
C.E.O. Janapad Panchayat Baikunthpur 07836-232110
C.E.O. Janapad Panchayat Sonhat 07836-261086
C.E.O. Janapad Panchayat Manendragarh 07771-241993
C.E.O. Janapad Panchayat Khadgawan 07771-283364
C.E.O. Janapad Panchayat Janakpur 07835-267216
Health Department
Designation Address Telephone Number
C.M.O. Baikunthpur 07836-232324
C.H.C. Baikunthpur 07836-232993
C.H.C. Sonhat 07836-261095
C.H.C. Manendragarh 07771-241590
Education Department
Name Address Telephone Number
Central School Baikunthpur 07836-232266
Central School Jhagrakhand 07771-254935
Central School Manendragarh 07771-241219
Central School Chirmiri 07771-261159
Govt College Baikunthpur 07836-232252
Lahidi College Chirmiri 07771-261158
Vivekanand College Manendragarh 07771-241250
Name Address Telephone Number
District Co-Op Bank LTD Baikunthpur 07836-232533
District Co-Op Bank LTD Baikunthpur 07836-232532
Gramin Bank Baikunthpur 07836-232140
Lead District Manager(C.B.I.) Baikunthpur 07836-232646
State Bank Of India Baikunthpur 07836-232356, 232665,433067, 232236,232750
Central Bank Of India Baikunthpur 07836-232750
Name Address Telephone Number
Collector Baikunthpur 07836-232721,232720
District Consummer Foram Baikunthpur 07836-233344
Superintendent of Police Baikunthpur 07836-232223,232239
Govt. Hospital Baikunthpur 07836-232993
Electricity Inquiry Baikunthpur 07836-232274
Hindustan Gas (H.P) Rampur Baikunthpur 9425580504
Indane Gas Charcha 9424261719
Bharat Gas Haldibadi Chirmiri 9424260564
Indane Gas Jhagrakhand Manendragarh 9329503376
Indane Gas Manendragarh 07771-241230
Indane Gas Khogapani 9425583692
Indane Gas Colliery Area Chirmiri 9425586703
Other Departments
Name Address Telephone Number
District Forest Officer Baikunthpur 07836-232227
District Forest Officer Manendragarh 07771-241349
Public Relation Officer Baikunthpur 07836-232847


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